Thursday, June 18, 2009

"Turn To The Right!"

"Yes, where is the Rube who wasn't a jay
For he beat the Crooks who found the way
To frisk the Deacon who wanted his pay
And worried the Sister who was working away
At home with the Mother who prayed each day
That the Wandering Boy who had gone astray would
Said the frisky old Humble the radio tuner, who sat in the balcony of Unusual Theater and adjusted the sound.
I'm not quite sure what proud Narcissism the director said, who busied herself backstage and wrote all the plays.
These two are quite opposites, my dear friend, how I know!
Humble so black
And Narcissism like snow
But those two won't fall in a trap
Very well known called
Like a magnet or anything else of the sort,
A boat coming up on to a sea captain's port,
These two might coax each other together.
Like a wind picks up a small golden feather.
P.S: Turns out that the Rube left for the San Diego Zoo- after all, he was only a leopard.


  1. Joy I think you are very talented. Wow! That poem was so much fun! I am so glad I decided to stop by this blogspot today.