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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What's That?

3:48a.m., July 6th, 2009
What was that?
I really don't know.
Why don't we look?
Now what?
No clue. What do you think?
I'm not sure.
Let's look around. This is odd.
Okay, but I thi-
Don't ask me.
It was coming from over there.
No, it was coming from over there.
Listen, it's probably 4:00 in the morning.
How do you know?
I have a watch.
Oh. So let's go over here.
Okay. That was strange.
That kind of sounded human.
Creepy. Let's go, I'm getting freaked out. Lik-
Do you own a Wiff-Wiff? If so, what is his title?
Oh, my gosh. Let's go! Run!

1:15p.m., July 6th, 2009

Now what?


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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Friday, June 26, 2009

Maze {1}

I Ran down the hill where the MAZE was
My heart was pumping because of who was following us
I looked back- Oh, no, no!
Who I thought were friends were now enemies, though I knew they hated me.
A rock missed my head by an inch- In my terror, I ran into the MAZE.
Still, rocks flew over my head like a flock of birds.
I looked back- Oh, no, who was it?
Someone who hated me, but I loved him.
I heard the air swish- A rock flew over me, and this time they didn't miss.
But I still ran, farther and farther into the MAZE, not knowing that I was being trapped like a helpless baby fox.
I looked back, and as I did so I ran into- No! A dead end! I turned back to who was chasing me.
My heart fell like a young bird trying to fly. He had me.
Oh, I fought and fought as I tried to break free- but some slammed into my mind just as easily as the rocks did, still showering over me as I was trapped in the MAZE.
Where was she?!
I knew she had run- but where? Were these demons holding her hostage, too?
I said a prayer for her sake, Lord, please let her get away, it's bad enough that it's happening to me, but not her!
The person that was holding me yelled, "I've got her! Hurry, she's getting away!"
They thought I would give up. NEVER! I would never give up, for who am I fighting for? Myself?
no, the army of the Lord God Almighty.
Who fights for Him will never be defeated, perhaps physically, but mentally they are still fighting.
Another one of his comrades came in. He turned around. This was a chance! I broke free, but I knew I was n0t in victory yet- perhaps far from it. I ran in the MAZE, knowing that if she was still trapped it was my fault. A hand caught my shoulder. I looked up. "Follow us," a deep voice said. "Never," I growled and snapped my strong jaws at his hand. He let go. My chance! My freedom was rebuilt. I then let it all out, just as I am letting out my feelings in this piece of writing.
Just as I thought before, I thought, what if she's trapped? What if she can't get away? What if I have to be held prisoner to get her out? I will do it for her sake, but what if...?
A million thoughts ending in question marks zoomed through my mind like eagles in the mountains. But as I was thinking, and running in all senseless places of the MAZE, I realized something.
To my greatest terror, it was a dead end. Shock overcame me and all my senses. I screamed out, "Victoria! Help me! Escape, do something!" I thought about calling the people who had held me trapped like a raccoon, but that would be senseless.
"Somebody! Help!" I couldn't see, I wasn't looking, I couldn't hear, couldn't breathe. Suddenly a sound shot through the air, but I couldn't quite hear it...
I was so bruised from the rocks that I couldn't hear well.
But the rocks weren't coming through the air anymore. The sound came again, but this time it was crystal clear.
I immediately knew who it was. Oh, thank God! Praise Him! He had sent my friend as an angel to save me! Victory! "KATY!! WHERE ARE YOU?!! WHERE'S VICTORIA?!"
"She's here! I'm here! Where are YOU?" I ran to an opening.
"I'm here!" I looked around. I saw her through the wood of the MAZE. Katy had come around and was looking wildly around. "Katy, I, I- I..." I trailed off, and I hadn't realized that I was so tired and bedraggled- looking she probably wondered. "I'll tell you the whole story later,"
I promised. I glanced at the ball of yarn in her hand. She had used trained it around the MAZE, so she would lead it back.
"Victoria ran to me for help, told me you were having trouble..?" She looked at me.
"Victoria!" I cried in joy as she came up behind Katy. "I thought they had captured you! I thought you couldn't get away!
I thought..." I stopped then because Katy had said, "Lets go."
So we went out. I glanced at where the guys were sitting, looking up at Katy's dad.
He must have told them off.
"Come on," said Katy. I hesitated. "Let's go swimming," Victoria said. I went on. I had a feeling that I hadn't had this whole situation. It was determination. Victory.
No, it was forgiveness. Forgiveness for who did this to me.
To be continued....


I suppose you've all heard
Of that WONDERFUL word
Called the Savior.
And I also suppose
You Deers and you Does
Have heard of the phrase
Called writing things down on paper.
A of course you may think that these 2 have
No t hin g In Com mo n !
Well guess what? There's my friend!
Beginning & End!
Alpha Omega, Everlasting Father
Who paid the price for our sins
We wrote them down on our HEARTS
And gave them to GOD
Read John 3:16

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Letters between Fluffles and Tag-along

Dear Fluffles,

How are you down in China Town? I suppose you're having fun with Peeko. How is she? I'm fine up here in Greenwich Village, where all us artist hang out! I have a new art gallery, why don't you come up and see it? TTN---